You can install tut in three ways

  1. Use your package manager
  2. Use pre-built binaries
  3. Build it yourself

Package manager

Currently tut is packaged four in repos. If you know some more places you can contact me.

I only manage the AUR package so you'll have to trust the other maintainers.

Arch and Manjaro

You can find it in the Arch User Repository (AUR). I'm the maintainer.

You can also use tut-mastodon. Currently aur/tut collides with a package named tut if you're running Manjaro ARM. So if you face the same problem you can use this package instead. I suggest you add an alias for tut-mastodon to tut in the config for your shell. Usually .bashrc or .zshrc.

alias tut='tut-mastodon'

Alpine linux

tut package is available in the community repository. I'm not the maintainer.

Debian / Ubuntu

You'll have to add the repo. Follow the instructions on the site. I'm not the maintainer.


I'm not the maintainer.


I'm not the maintainer.

NetBSD (and others)

I'm not the maintainer.

Available as net/tut in pkgsrc, NetBSD's portable package manager. Also for Linux, macOS, Illumos, etc. Install from the tree or with pkgin:

pkgin install tut

Homebrew (macOS)

I'm not the maintainer.

Available as Homebrew Formulae over here. Install it like this:

brew update
brew install tut


tut package is shipped as part of openSUSE Tumbleweed and openSUSE Leap 15.5+. It can be installed via:
sudo zypper in tut

suntorytimed is the maintainer of the package.

Pre-built binaries

You can find the binaries under releases on Github.

The only build I'm able to test is tut-amd64, but I've compiled for some more architectures. They're targeting Linux. If you want some other architecture or OS you can open an issue or you can contact me.

Build it yourself

You will need to install Go. Minimum version 1.16.

# Fetches and installs tut. Usally /home/user/go/bin
go get -u

# You can also clone the repo if you like
# First clone this repository
git clone

# Go to that folder
cd tut

# Build or install

# Install (usally /home/user/go/bin)
go install

# Build (same directory i.e. ./ )
go build

After you're done you'll have to add the binary into your path.

You should be able to do that by adding export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin to your shells config. The file is ~/.bashrc for bash and ~/.zshrc for zsh.

-- Install --